It is a blockchain-based global education content incubation platform that introduces an incubation
system that supports investment, distribution, and promotion processes to break down high barriers
to existing content production and investment and enhances unfair profit distribution structure.
LABEL is supported by the CLESSON & OPENTRACK, known as a practical and systematic music education company in South Korea, that holds more than 200 professional instructors and 25 top artists from seven major countries.
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Philip Lassiter

11 time Grammy Award Winning Arranger

Former member of Prince

Former member of New Power Generation

Collaborated with Ariana Grande, Kirk Franklin, Fantasia, Kelly Rowland, Timbaland etc.

Carlton Lynn

Alumni of Full Sail's Recording Arts Program

Grammy in 2000 for TLC's *Fanmail* (Best R&B Album)

Grammy in 2012 with Reach Records Label

Collaborated with Madonna, Lecrae, Usher, Pink, Lloyd, Fantasia etc.

Mark Lettieri

3x Grammy Winner with Snarky Puppy

Texas Christian University Alumni

Five Albums (#1 on iTunes Jazz and #11 on Billboard Jazz charts)

Recording Works with David Crosby, 50 cent, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Adam Levine etc

SKP Member

Aaron Spears

Grammy Nominated Music Producer

Worked with Usher, Lil Wayne, Adam Lambert, The Backstreet Boys, Lady Gaga etc.

Won the Modern Drummer Reader’s Poll award for “Best Up and Coming Drummer”

Member of SONOR’s family of artists

Robert Sput Searight

6x Grammy Winner

Most influential drummer and producer in modern music

Won the first Grammy at the age of 18

Collaborated with Snoop Dogg, Celine Dion, Timberlake, Timbaland etc.


BTS Producer and Keyboardist

Worked as a Keyboardist and Producer of Seo Taiji Band

Collaboration with numerous artists in South Korea and USA

Guthrie Govan

“Guitarist of the Year” award in 1993

Studied in University of Oxford

Guitar Teacher at Guildford’s Academy of Contemporary Music

Guitar Teacher at Brighton Institute of Modern Music

Worked with Aristocrats, GPS, The Young Punx and other prominent bands

Scoop DeVille

Collaborated with Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 cent, Kendrick Lamar etc.

Nominated for Grammy 2x

#26 on the US Hot 100, #8 US R&B and #6 on US Rap charts

LABEL's core function is to provide high-quality educational content. LABEL provides self-produced content and diverse content through partnerships with various educational platforms. All content on the LABEL platform is classified as free and paid services according to subscription policies.
Incubating is an online space where users create new content and invest in the incubation processes. The incubating system provides verification, investment matching, and distribution interlocking functions through a voting system conducted on the DAO, on new courses prepared by creators.
NFT Market
The NFT Market is the space for trading NFTs created inside of the Incubating System. NFTs generated in the incubating are kept in private wallets, and NFT owners can trade NFTs for their shares in the NFT Market. Through the NFT transactions, investors who do not participate in the incubating can also own shares in the content and receive profit distribution corresponding to the share holdings.
$LBL Token
The $LBL is an Ethereum-based utility and governance token that is primarily oriented to drive growth on the LABEL ecosystem. LBL Token is
primarily utilized to build the robust token economy in the LABEL Platform by serving as a payment, staking, and governance unit.
  • Payment
    The LABEL platform's users can utilize the LBL token as payment for all educational content provided on the platform. The LBL token paid by users as a payment fee is paid once a month to the owner of the content's beneficiary rights NFT, some of which are accumulated in DAO Funds as platform fees. The commission rate accumulated in DAO Funds and several other aspects can be modified in the governance mechanism by the LBL holders once it’s launched.
  • Staking
    LABEL Holders are entitled to the additional rewards, provided they engage in staking their LBLs in the DAO, which also enables the holders to participate in the major governance voting processes.
  • Governance
    LABEL introduces a DAO - Decentralized autonomous organization, which is going to become the main governance voting system in the LABEL Foundation. Hence, holders that stake their LBL tokens can vote for or against various proposed changes to the LABEL ecosystem.
Token Metrics
The LABEL aims to return the true value back to the creators of digital education content, and creates a space for creators,
inventors, consumers and distribution platforms to gather and coexist within the single ecosystem. Through this practice,
LABEL implements a true meaning of the Value Chain that can produce global education course content and provide a truly
transparent share-based monetization structure, addressing and solving the problems of the entrenched digital content market.
A total amount of 3,000,000,000 LBL Tokens will be issued and distributed in the follwing way :
Our Team
Steven Douglas Pruitt

Alumni of the University of North Texas

Professor of Practical Music at Howon University

Doittoit Co., Ltd (CEO)

Hyungjun Kim

Alumni of the University of Seoul
(Spatial and Information Department)

Clesson Co., Ltd (CEO)

Ministry of SMEs and Startups'
Innovative Startup Task (Blockchain)
R&D Sectionr: Blockchain-based training
platform, Compensation System for Participants'
Multilateral Contributions

SK Planet Manage

Hyungsoon Choi

Alumni of the Seoul National University
(Business Administration Department)

Naver Co., Ltd.
(Main Service Planning / Management)

EA Korea | Service Manager

YD Online | Service Manager

JIN, Yun(金云)

Alumni of the Yanbian University

Masters and PhD at Chungnam National
University (Computer Science Department)

Senior Researcher at Korea Electronics and
Telecommunications Research Institute

Konkuk University Engineering College
(Computer Science Adjunct Professor)

Kyung-Cheol Lee
Operation Manager

Alumni of the Konkuk University

May1PM Co., Ltd. (CEO)

Seongmin, Jung
Program Director

PLANHEAR (Co-Founder)

Produced many popular singers and pop artists,
including GOT7, Wanna One, IZ*ONE, MONSTA X,
and many other OST stars including the World
of the Married, Sky Castle, and Mr. Sunshine.

Taewhan Lee
Marketing Director

MBC Academy - University Business Team Leader

CHAMDAHAN (Korean Red Ginseng)
- Marketing Team Leader

MetaFormula PR Content Section Chief

Rosy Organic Marketing Team Leader

Dongjin Shin

Berklee college of music BA

New York University MA

Adjunct Professor at Hanyang University
(International College of Arts)

The Winner of Silver Medal at the Jarasum
Jazz Festival

KwanWoo Ko
Global Finance Advisor

Daham Tax Corporation (City Hall Head Office)

Seo Guk Exchange Tax Accounting Office

Samryung Tax Corporation (Head Office)

Dowon Tax Group (Head of Tax Accounting)

Hanwon Tax Accounting (Head of Tax Accounting)

Consulting & Tax Audit (Portfolio): Kumho,
Hanssem, Harim and many other companies

Advisory (Portfolio): Harim, Diddy F&B, Hoban and
many other companies

Junbum Shin
Global Strategic Advisor

Alumni of the Hanyang University
School of Medicine

Works at the New Orthopedic

Surgery Clinic (Director)

Worked at the Park Soon Yong Clinic
(Head of Orthopedic Surgery)

Member of the Korean Association of
Orthopedic Surgeons

Member of the Korean Fracture Society

Member of the Korean Medical
Ultrasound Association

Janny Lee
Global Marketing Advisor

Alumni of the Korea University Department
of Communication Sciences

Worked at the PoongLim Industry
(Marketing Team)

Worked at the Take a Step (CEO)

Worked at the Mary Jane (CEO)

Worked at the Great Partners (Director)

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